Consulting Services

Information & Pricing about PTSD, Caregiving, Inspiration & Writing Consulting.

Consulting Fees

Shelly is delighted to talk to people and answer their questions. A first phone call or inquiry is free of charge. However, because of time constraints, ongoing consulting or mentoring must be scheduled and remunerated, as it takes away from writing time.


Skype sessions per hour $50

Skype sessions once a week/month $175

Skype 3 months of weekly sessions $500

Skype 6 months of weekly sessions $900

On-site consultation $1,000/consultation day + travel exp.

Writing Services

Shelly provides writing/publishing and editorial consultation to new and published authors who are looking for assistance moving forward in their publishing goals.

Consultation available per hour by phone or Skype.

3 to 6 month weekly consulting agreements.


Shelly and her husband Dan provided in-home care for Dan’s father, who struggled with Parkinson’s disease and mental illness, as well as Shelly’s mother, who fought Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Shelly also served as an advocate for her god-daughter Maria, who experienced 40 brain surgeries before the age of eight. Shelly spent extended time in the hospital with Maria (not her real name) and her mom so her mother could get much-needed respite. Shelly has written 5 books on caregiving, lives in a household with three physically challenged adults, and lives life with multiple sclerosis. As a consultant she provides encouragement, tips, education, resources, and the wisdom of an experienced caregiver who understands.

Consultation available per hour by phone or Skype.

On-site consultation available to organizations and churches.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Shelly has authored two books on PTSD, both which are rooted in her personal experienced with trauma. She was assaulted by a serial rapist at the age of 19, and like many people, has a trauma history marked by multiple events. Shelly’s interest in PTSD developed when several family members and a close friend had significant struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder. She accompanied her friend to trauma treatment and began researching the topic. Shelly has also undergone trauma therapy and understands PTSD from the vantage point of one who has experienced it.

Consultation available per hour by phone or Skype.

On-site consultation available to organizations and churches.

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