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Shelly Beach Speaking Services Shelly Beach has been described as one of the nation’s most transparent and engaging speakers. A favorite guest of top radio hosts across the nation, Shelly delivers biblical truth in seminars, conferences, and retreats with honesty, humor, candor, and practical wisdom.

Shelly customizes uplifting programs for churches, women’s groups, conferences, schools, conventions, writers’ conferences, incarcerated sisters, family caregiver groups, and professional health care providers. She also consults on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and teaches about trauma-informed care and the importance of understanding trauma and PTSD in faith-based organizations.

Shelly is the author of fifteen books, including the multiple award-winning Love Letters from the Edge, written with co-author Wanda Sanchez (Kregel Publishers 2014), Precious Lord, Take My Hand (Discovery House Publishers 2007), a collection of meditations for caregivers, and Ambushed by Grace: Help and Hope on the Caregiving Journey (Discovery House). Shelly’s first contemporary Christian novel, Hallie’s Heart, (Kregel Publishers), won a Christy Award. Shelly is also the author of The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk: Conforming Deadly Thought Patterns to the Word of God (Moody, 2010). She presents the life-changing concepts from Love Letters from the Edge and The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk, as well as her caregiving books in conferences, seminars, prisons, and on nationally syndicated radio shows across the nation.

Christian Writers WorkshopShelly is a co-founder of the Cedar Falls Christian Writer’s Workshop in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and the Breathe Christian Writer’s Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

"Shelly combines life experience with humor and a deep understanding of God's reality as she offers encouragement and hope to audiences."
—Sandra P. Aldrich, BoldWords, International Speaker and Author.

“Shelly has a unique way of reaching out to audiences and capturing their hearts from the moment she starts speaking. It is evident that God has given her a gift for helping others. Her personality, concern for others, and passion for the Lord make you wish she was family. I couldn’t speak more highly of Shelly.”
—Scott Eikenberry, Coordinator, Xchange Seminar Tent, Unity Christian Music Festival

Selected Topics

(Others available, and talks can be tailored to your need)


Shelly speaks from life experience as a woman who has dealt with sexual assault, caregiving in her home for her parents and her father-in-law, the challenges of chronic illness, and other faith-stretching challenges. Using humor, honesty, and stories of finding grace in the grit and gravel of life, Shelly offers hope that is only possible through the power of Jesus.

Lessons from a Dead Man on a Pole:
How Distorted Vision Fractures Faith

Using a powerful personal story of despair transformed by truth, Shelly shares principles of perspective that impact our relationships with God and those around us. This session helps us see that while we often see tragedy, we see in only one dimension. 

The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk

Based on the main themes in Shelly’s book The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk: Conforming Deadly Thought Patterns to the Word of God, this session teaches principles of taking thoughts captive to the glory of God.

Leaning into the Curves:  
Embracing God in Life’s Mind-Boggling Moments
Have you ever looked at your life and wondered how God could really be in control? Shelly uses humor and experiences as a motorcycle biker to show listeners the meaning of abandonment to God.

The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk (one session to weekend retreat)
When we step away from the goodness of God to our own quest for control, life becomes a struggle for power, positioning, self-promotion, and self-protection. Learn how to turn self-talk into “God-talk” and move forward to new levels of intimacy with God.

The I in the Middle of My Motives 
The word “motive” begins with the letter “m,” ends with the letter “e,” and has the letter “I” at the center. Because of our selfish nature, we’re often driven by hidden agendas and self-centered motives (me/I). Learn how discovering your true identity in Christ can transform your thinking and your relationships with others and move you to the next level in your walk of faith.

God’s Broken Gifts:  
Treasure in the Trash Heap of Life
Has your heart been broken by life? Learn how God can transform even our “trash heap” experiences into our greatest treasures.

"Shelly combines life experience with humor and a deep understanding of God's reality as she offers encouragement and hope to audiences."
Sandra P. Aldrich, BoldWords, International Speaker and Author


Get Into the Basket:  
Caregiving and the View from Above
As caregivers, we’re often so bogged down in the day-to-day routine of our tasks that we miss the bigger picture. Shelly’s hilarious experience as a passenger in a hot air balloon gives caregivers a new perspective for the eternal destination of the road they walk.

Harleys, Hot Tubs, and Hysteria:
Fighting Caregiver Fatigue

One of caregivers’ most persistent frustrations is fatigue (and burnout). Shelly shares her struggle as a caregiver with health challenges who was simultaneously caring for a daughter with PTSD, a struggling son, her father-in-law with Parkinson’s who lived in their home, and her mother with Alzheimer’s four states away. Learn Shelly’s secrets to battling caregiver fatigue.

Artesian Wells and Caregiving:
The Importance of the Character of God

Caregiving is one of the most difficult things we will ever do. The care we pour into our loved one must flow from an overflow of our love for God. Learn how to drive the pipe deeply into God’s love to fortify your spirit and soul as a caregiver.

Blooming and Thriving When You’re Waist Deep in Weeds:
Jesus was the ultimate caregiver. Learn His’ principles for caregiving to help balance your caregiving life and bring your priorities into perspective.

Seminars and conferences based on Shelly’s caregiving books Precious Lord, Take My Hand: Meditations for Caregivers, and Ambushed by Grace: Help and Hope on the Caregiving Journey

“Shelly speaks effectively to caregivers because she listens intently and reminds caregivers they are not alone. She provides encouragement, comfort, answers, and hope. She is blessed with wisdom and shares her knowledge of caregiving unselfishly.”
Denise George, RN
Patient Services Coordinator
The ALS Association-Michigan Chapter

PTSD Perspectives

PTSD in the Pews 1 hour to full day seminar

A session for church and parachurch leaders that helps them understand the prevalence of PTSD (8% of the general population) and how trauma influences their congregations and ministerial groups. Church and church-related activities often feel unsafe for those who have experienced trauma. This session helps ministry works better relate to those dealing with symptoms of trauma and PTSD.

PTSD Realities:
What You Should Know and Why You Should Care (1-3 hrs)

This session presents an overview of various aspects of PTSD, causes, symptoms, brain function, etc., and how people feel and respond.

How the Brain Works During Trauma
This session presents the dual function of the right and left hemispheres of the brain and how they are affected during a traumatic event. It also explains the fight—flight—freeze response. Those with PTSD leave with a greater understanding of why their symptoms are there and the types of activities and treatments that can help them.

Triggers and Grounding Techniques

Triggers can be one of the most difficult aspects to manage for someone who lives with PTSD. This session explains common triggers and grounding techniques that can help provide coping strategies.

“Rarely is the complex issue of PTSD presented in a format that makes the information as easy to assimilate and the skills ready-made to implement as the  PTSD presentation by Wanda Sanchez and Shelly Beach. Their presentation is succinct, well-researched, and practical. The passion and experiences they bring to this important topic enable people-helpers in all fields to effectively diagnose and treat those with PTSD who can then go on to enjoy healthy relationships and have productive lives.”

Sam Beals, MM, MA, CFRE

Chief Executive Officer Samaritas   

For Writers

Shelly speaks at writer’s conferences and workshops, presenting both keynote sessions and instructional sessions. Some of her topics include

  1. Writing Killer Queries
  2. Perfecting Your Proposal
  3. The First Swing of the Hammer: Building Your Platform
  4. Before You Try to Write and Publish a Book
  5. What Every Editor Wish You Knew
  6. Pressing On When You’d Rather Cave In
  7. Sifting for God in the Gravel: Writing Meditations and Devotionals
  8. Marks of a Professional

Keynote Sessions:

Passion First
Honoring the Word
Stewarding Your Craft


"The speakers were knowledgeable, funny, and intimate. I have been so blessed by the Cedar Falls Writers conference and can't think of anything I would change."


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